Buhari names banker as finance minister

Nigeria's President Buhari appoints former investment banker Kemi Adeosun as finance minister, putting her in charge of Africa's largest economy.

Zimbabwe: SADC Tenure Exposes Mugabe’s Fading Legacy

Economy & Politics | 14 Aug 2015

President Mugabe's leadership of the African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) has exposed how much he has lost respect and stature among the continent's leaders.

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Nigeria Central Bank Chief Risks Reputation With Naira Plan

Banking & Finance | August 14, 2015

The collapse of oil revenue in Africa’s biggest oil producer has limited the bank’s ability to prop up the currency. The Governor of the bank says he’s on a mission to transform the economy.

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China Committed to Africa’s Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure | November 12, 2015

A Sino-Africa forum in Nairobi on Thursday is committed to the economic growth of Africa through infrastructure development. HPS FINANCIAL REVIEW/2015-11-11 "All China cooperation and assistance to

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images 3 Achieving Economic Growth
By Jim Yong Kim - World Bank Group President

At the World Bank Group, we've set goals to end extreme poverty by 2030 and to boost shared prosperity for the bottom 40 percent in every developing country. These goals will drive our work going forward. But three major challenges that will determine i + Commentary


images (1) America can do more for Africa
By Barack Obama, First and current black president of the United States of America

Wealthy nations must open our doors to goods and services from Africa in a meaningful manner. And where there is good governance, we can broaden prosperity through public-private partnerships that invest in better roads and electricity; capacity-building + Commentary


BILL GATE “The way we measure growth in developing economies is not accurate enough”
By William Henry "Bill" Gates III American business magnate, Founder - Microsoft Corporation.

Yet it is clear to me that we need to devote greater resources to getting basic GDP numbers right. As Jerven argues, national statistics offices across Africa need more support so that they can obtain and report timelier and more accurate data. Donor gove + Commentary


IMAGE HPS OPINION CROPE PPP Funds for Infrastructure project in emerging markets
By Prosper H. Sugewe - Senior Economic & Financial Advisor HPS International Consulting London

African Governments should set up PPP Infrastructure funds to improve the delivery of public infrastructure and provide better value, timeliness and accountability by increasing the effective use of PPP project. The funds will work with provincial, territ + Commentary


Aliko Dangote There are a lot of investment opportunities in Africa
By Aliko Dangote President and CEO of the Dangote group, 2013 worlds richest black

Discerning investors know this and are trooping in to have a piece of the pie. The only thing keeping others back is the issue of the negative perception that some people have about the continent. But things are changing fast. Africa is one of the fastest + Commentary


Al-Amoudi 2013 Now is The Era To Concretise Business Commitments in Africa
By Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi Founder & Owner, MIDROC & Saudi Star (Ethopia)

The interest by investors in Africa as a high growth market is a recent phenomenon. I am pleased to see the respected Economist holding this event. It shows this increased level of interest in Africa; but it is now time to turn the excitement in investing + Commentary


president of the AFDB Leveraging Africa’s Resources to Finance Vital Infrastructure
By Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank.

To put it simply, the current needs of infrastructure in Africa are about U.S. $92 billion a year. At the moment we can monetize from all sources only half that amount - about $50 billion. To mobilize the balance, we decided that we should use the limited + Commentary
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